Our Patented Fitted Flat Sheets, Comforters and Blankets Will Change the Way You Make Your Bed

Young woman with long hair preparing bed at home

Redefining Convenience and Comfort

Making the bed every day can be a real pain! Better Fit Bedding™ is here to revolutionize the bed-making process with our patented Fitted Flat Sheets, Fitted Comforters, and Fitted Blankets. Designed with innovative corner pockets, our bedding slides under the mattress effortlessly, eliminating the hassle of centering sheets, lifting heavy mattresses, and making “hospital corners.” This patented technology not only saves time but also minimizes back strain, bed-making is QUICK EASY BETTER.

Better Fit Bedding™ represents the first substantial change in bedding construction since the introduction of the fitted sheet over 60 years ago. Our revolutionary design dramatically improves the daily routine of consumers, hotel housekeepers, and healthcare workers, offering a quicker and easier way to make beds perfectly every time.

Young woman with long hair preparing bed at home

The Future of Bedding

Making the bed everyday can be a real pain!  Better Fit Bedding™ eliminates the hassle and time spent centering your sheets, comforters and blankets and eliminates the hassle of lifting a heavy mattress or “hospital corners.” Better Fit Bedding™ automatically fits the bedding to the mattress, perfectly centered and perfectly secured, every time. 

Our Patented Fitted Flat Sheets, Fitted Comforters and Fitted Blankets have specially designed corner pockets that make it QUICK, EASY, BETTER, to make your bed perfectly every time. Our Patented Fitted Corner Pockets slide under the mattress with no heavy lifting.    

Remaking your bed is simple.   Simply pull the Patented Better Fit Bedding™ Sheet, Comforter and Blanket to the head of the bed and fold back as needed.  Done!   

Better Fit Bedding™ makes it QUICK, EASY, BETTER!


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A friend of mine told me about these sheets and I had to buy and try out for myself. Amazing idea! I will tell others about Better Fit Bedding. This is great for children.
Monica Lewis

LOVE these sheets! They are so soft and keep me cool at night. The corner design is a game changer when making the bed….no more struggling to tuck in the top sheet and no worries about the sides being even! These are so awesome my adult kids are trying to sneak them out of the house for their own use! 🙂

Great sheets! Super easy to put on and worked great. Definitely going to buy more!

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