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A friend of mine told me about these sheets and I had to buy and try out for myself. Amazing idea! I will tell others about Better Fit Bedding. This is great for children.
Monica Lewis

LOVE these sheets! They are so soft and keep me cool at night. The corner design is a game changer when making the bed….no more struggling to tuck in the top sheet and no worries about the sides being even! These are so awesome my adult kids are trying to sneak them out of the house for their own use! :)

Great sheets! Super easy to put on and worked great. Definitely going to buy more!

Lovely sheets – the fabric is high quality, soft and supple and washes well. I'm normally a person who doesn't like having the top sheet tucked in – my feet like to be free! – but these sheets are perfect and comfortable even for me. As a bonus feature, the fitted sheet has little tags marking the top/bottom sides so I don't have to stand around figuring out which is the long side of the sheet. Really quick to make the bed in the morning and no tangled sheets around my feet!

Love Better Fit Sheets, I hate making the bed. Better Fit Bedding makes it so easy to make the bed. Am buying more …also my new favorite gift item!!!!!
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