Beautiful Bedding That Gives You The Easiest And Fastest Way To Make Your Bed

About Our Bedding

Better Fit Bedding™ has developed a new, patented construction for flat sheets, comforters and blankets that will revolutionize the bed making process.  Our new Fitted Flat Sheets, Fitted Comforters and Fitted Blankets will positively change how we make our beds.

Save time and minimize back strain! No more messy bedding, no lifting a heavy mattress to secure the bedding.  Re-making the bed will be QUICK, EASY, BETTER.

Better Fit Bedding™’s revolutionary technology and design is the first substantial change in bedding construction since the introduction of the fitted sheet over 60 years ago.  Our “New Bedding” will dramatically improve a process performed everyday by consumers, hotel housekeepers and healthcare workers, providing them the ability to make beds in a much easier and faster way.  Better Fit Bedding™ sheets, comforters and blankets will dramatically increase productivity everywhere there are beds to be made.

Fully made bed

Children Will Be Able to Make Their Beds
Quick and Easy As Well

Two children cover the bed with a bedspread
Young boy in white shirt sitting on bed
Young girl sleeping in bed

The flat sheet in Better Fit Bedding™ sheet sets features a patented elastic edge that tucks along the bed’s bottom and left and right corners. Once you pull the sheet up, the sides evenly drape.

The crisp, wrinkle-resistant and cool absorbent sateen of these 400-thread-count sheet sets make them the perfect choice for superior sleep style and comfort.

Developed with premium, Long Staple Cotton and eco-friendly TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber. These high-quality sheets offer high durability to last wash after wash.

These sheets help keep you cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter than regular cotton sheets.  

Fits Mattresses up to 17” deep.